Mats Rits: “Adopt a more business attitude, and kill it off”

Club's midfield put some high pressure on the hosts, but the two goals it scored were not enough to claim the full loot.


“If we make the most of our chances, we win this game. We should have been able to grab the points here. They adapted their system, falling back a bit more than usual. We were in possession for big parts of the game, and tried to find the opening in the right moment. We had plenty of chances, and should have made more of them. They only really threatened twice, and proved very efficient. We were the better, the more dominant team throughout the game. The pace was lower in the second half, and they allowed us to come. This lead to many corner kicks and crosses; we should take a more business approach to those and just capitalise on them. This is very sour, unnecessary point loss. We should take a look in the mirror, and start scoring from our chances. First we need to analyse where it went wrong, and try and correct that before Thursday. The Europa League encounter is a thrilling game. We should give it our best shot. And then there's our league game vs Genk. A must-win? Every home game is a must-win." (KN)

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

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