Mats Rits: “Great to be scoring twice"

With two goals, a first just before half-time, and a second well into stoppage time, Mats Rits decided the game against Waasland-Beveren in Club's favour.


"It's a great feeling, but I remain level-headed. It's great to be scoring twice again. It was vital to keep the three points here. It was a tough game for us; in the first halfy they were with eleven inside their box. In games like this, it's vital to take the lead as you head for the dressing rooms. It makes things a bit easier on you in the second half. They were forced to come a bit more, giving us some space too. Unfortunately, we faltered after seven minutes, giving them the chance to score from their very first counter attack. It changes the game entirely, allowing them to lean back again. We set up camp on their half, but were unable to get that good final pass or find the free man. It was bound to come from a textbook situation or a scrimmage. They have every right to go playing like that, they did a good job. Our pace wasn't high enough, and we lacked a good final ball. We made it to the wings, and were able to create actions starting from there. We also had a number of chances through setpieces with Ricca. Make the most of one of those, and it's another game entirely.”

Mats Rits
Mats Rits

In the past couple of weeks, with Balanta preferred, Mats Rits saw a bit less action. "Plenty of games this season, and I played a fair share in the first part of the season. These past couple of weeks, Eder was lined up a bit more, but now it was my turn. I always make sure I'm available and do my thing. That's football, there will always be a lot of competition. As a football player, you want to feature in every game, but you also have to be able to go about decisions as a professional too. Today, the ball ended up with me twice, and it went in twice too. That's nice. Vital goals too, making sure the points go our way. In corner kicks, I'm often inside the box, and I'm quick when the ball drops. I played like that with KV Mechelen too.”


Club came very close to conceding points. “We haven't had the easiest of runs in the past couple of weeks. The neutral observer expects us to easily beat Waasland-Beveren at home, 4-0 or more. That's not the way football works, every game needs to be played first. There's no winning games 4-0 thirty times in one season. We really would have preferred to be 2-0 up at half-time and go on to win 4-0, but that's not how it works. We have had fine games too after the Winter break, but it's not going like it did at the start of the season. We just keep focussing on ourselves, and on the things we can do better.”


A cracking game awaits, with Manchester United making its way to Bruges in the Europa League. “But first we will be analysing this game, and only then will we be shifting our focus to Manchester United. Another big game for us, which we'll take on with courage and gusto. And undoubtedly a completely different game. I don't think they'll be digging in the way Waasland-Beveren did. It's going to be a fantastic game; we will be analysing them thoroughly and put our full minds to it.” (KN)

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