Sunday 12 March 2023 16:45

Mats Rits: "No sweat, no glory: we saw that today"

Mats Rits started again from kickoff. The midfielder is ready to play his role again after a long injury. Standard could hardly create chances. The Blues won deserved 1-0.

"It's a relief, the situation is just the way it is. We knew it was going to be a very important game, just like against Ghent. Only we lost it there the week after. So don't get too euphoric now, just look forward to next week. We didn't see the best Club Brugge with scintillating football but this is a deserved win. The last couple of weeks and especially last week were turbulent. As a professional player, you only have to focus on the green rectangle. I am especially happy that we gave everything as a team. We could see the translation of the slogan 'No sweat, no glory' today. You can't expect to play the very best game, we knew that ourselves. The only way to get out of this is to give everything on the pitch. The good soccer will follow."


Mats Rits
Mats Rits

On the second goal, Rits indicated to aim the ball over the wall. "I asked Bjorn how he would kick it. I said the best idea was to get it over the wall based on my experience with Bodart and Bjorn said that was the plan. And we saw that."

In the next five games the Blues have to secure their spot in the top four. "We are now looking at it match by match. We play at Kortrijk next week and the national team follows afterwards. It shouldn't go wrong for that top 4, we as Club Brugge have to be there. No discussion about that and we are not hiding behind that."

This week, Rik De Mil took over from Scott Parker and he was already putting some of his own touches on the game. "He likes to see a team that goes full steam ahead. We showed that today. You can change the coach but it is also a responsibility of the players and we talked about that. There was a good group discussion with the staff and with Rudy Heylen about what needed to change. The problems were raised and talked out. We said what needs to improve and looked for solutions. Hopefully we are on the right path now.” (KN)

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