Friday 24 September 2021 21:30

Mats Rits: "We give two points away"

It was a frustrating evening for the Blues in Jan Breydel. Club - OH Leuven ended 1-1. Mats Rits started talking with the Man in Black immediately after the final whistle.

“First of all, I was very disappointed with the end result", said Mats Rits. "But in the end you also get frustrated because OHL continuously tried to gain time. They played a kind of anti-soccer because I think Simon (Midnolet, nvdr) only had to catch one ball. Leuven had two moments to score and we made two individual mistakes. We fully controlled the match, created chances but we were not efficient. In this way we lose two points today. Thanks to Mata, the match still ended 1-1 but it is a pity that we did not manage to score a second goal."


Whether 18 points out of 9 games is enough for Club? “That is not enough of course", said Rits. We already gave away too many points this season. We only have to look at ourselves and always lost points in the same way. We clearly have to work on that. Personally I am feeling well and fresh even tough we are playing a match every three days. I am ready to play. It is nice to be part of the starting eleven but of course I would have preferred to keep the three points home today. I don't care whether it is Champions League or regular league because I want to play every match but that is something else of course." (FDC)


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