Sunday 28 November 2021 15:45

Mats Rits: "We showed our mental strength"

Mats Rits was smiling after the tough match at Genk.

“We showed our mental strength. Our first half was good in my opinion. We created a couple of chances and deserved the lead." The red card for Van der Brempt just before halftime was painful for the Blues. "You know it is going to be tough with ten men. It became harder and harder for us." 
Genk scored the equalizer just after halftime and then also scored a second goal. “We showed our mental strength afterwards and that is why we can take the three points to Brugge now." 

Mats Rits and Brandon Mechele started from kickoff. “The coach knows our value. You not only need artists but the team is the most important thing and we showed that today." 

“It is never fun when you have to start on the bench. Everyone wants to play", continued the midfielder, "but the coach makes choices and you have to respect them and be there when needed. A lot has been written about the team and the coach over the past few weeks but we proved today that everything is fine. Otherwise we would not win in this way." (EV)

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