Mbaye Diagne: “I need to work hard to score next time”

Mbaye Diagne started from kickoff and got a couple of good chances. However, the Senegalese striker was unfortunate in the box and could not score.


“I am happy because we kept the three points home. We need to continue like this. Before the match the coach told me to do my job for the team. Missing these chances hurts but that is part of soccer. I need to work hard in order to score the next matches. I need to put in more effort when getting chances but the most important thing today is the victory."


Mbaye Diagne
Mbaye Diagne

The attacker is working hard to prove himself. "A striker like me needs to score when getting these chances. The coach said I worked well for the team and that I have to forget the missed chances. Being a substittute is different from starting from kickoff. I need minutes to improve. I gave everything in the first half and the opponent was tired in the second half. As a substitute it is a bit easier then. Every player here wants to play as much as possible. I arrived later because of the Africa Cup. Therefore, I am not yet 100%."



PSG are waiting in the Champions League on Wednesday. "We still have a couple of training sessions to go and we will play our match there. It is a big team but we also took one point home from Madrid. That is certainly possible again now because it is soccer. They lost this weekend in their regular league. We will do everything we can in order to take at least one point home from Paris" (KN)

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