Saturday 18 June 2016 17:00

Meunier plays an important rol in first in Euro championship Red Devil's match

Belgium played Saturday afternoon, his second match at the European Championship in France. After the defeat against Italy the Red Devils had to win against Ireland to maintain visibility in the next round. After a difficult first half, Belgium finally won 3-0 against the Irish.



Thomas Meunier was allowed first make its appearance at the European Championships, he replaced Laurent Ciman at right. The Brugean had in the first half no problems with the Irish strikers and could advance a few times along the flank, but the Devils couldn&#39;t create much threat. Belgium earned a lead, but went scoreless the rest in. The second half was a lot better. A few minutes into the second half Lukaku could pass after the switch of &nbsp;left Randolph and that was the starting signal for a much better period for the Devils. On the hour could Meunier assist, Axel Witsel headed the 2-0. And Belgium did not have enough. Again the conversion, undertaken by Meunier, could reach Hazard, Lukaku, that only went behind Randolph putting the 3-0. 3-0 was the final score, making Belgium again occupy the second place in group E. A draw against Sweden is enough to advance to the next round.</p>

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