Thursday 3 December 2020 00:00

Noa Lang: “Proud of the team”

Noa Lang was one of the Club players asking the Zenit defense all kinds of questions. The Dutchman made sure the points went Club's way, neatly firing in a Dennis assist.

“I'm happy with how today's game went. It wasn't an easy game for us. We played a fine outfit, but we tried to start from our own strength. We played our own game, and I reckon we showed today that we are capable of some fine football at times, and have a very good team too. Whether we were efficient enough today? 3-0, and it could have been more even. I'm really proud of the team."

Next week, Rome awaits for a tie for second place. "Let's first focus on the game we have against Sint-Truiden over the weekend. That's also an important game, and then it's off to Lazio. We've got nothing to lose. It'll be a great week." (KN)

Noa Lang
Noa Lang

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