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Noah Mbamba: “My goal is to grow as a player in this team"

Noah Mbamba was dropped in the starting eleven for the Supercup and faced the same team of his maiden match last season: his former team Genk. Mbamba, who just turned 16 earlier this year, did great in midfield and showed his strenght in the build-up.

"I have now played two games against Genk, which were two high-intensity matches. It's a great feeling to be on the pitch and obviously I couldn't be happier. The fans inside the stadium is a boost as well. There's some pressure in the beginning of the match, but the fans are behind us and pushed us forward. After winning the title, now lifting the Supercup - that's already my second price with Club. But it's the team that made sure we crowned ourselves champions again which resulted in us playing the Supercup today."

Noah Mbamba keeps on improving as a player. "The coach talks a lot with me and we work hard on the training ground. I learn a lot tactically and every week I become a better player. I want to become better now. I'm still young and just played two games. My goal is to grow as a player in this team." (KN)

Noah Mbamba
Noah Mbamba

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