Sunday 16 August 2020 19:00

Philippe Clement: “A fine win”

With two defeats in the last two games, Club was wary of another setback, but a 0-4 win at Eupen proved Club is on the right track.

“Still not a top Club Brugge, but a fine win nonetheless. You can see the top teams struggling in these first few match days. I'm only looking at Club Brugge, obviously, but I do follow our competitors to see how they play. We're trying to grow with this team and make it a spectacular season again. Next week's game against Beerschot will be a peculiar one for me. In an empty home ground, it will be a different matter altogether, as it really takes some getting used to, playing without fans. That will be our main challenge as we face Beerschot.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

With two goals, Krépin Diatta played a solid share in grabbing the three points in the Ostkantone. “Diatta's still a young player, who's had a terrific season, and has shown he's getting back in that great form he showed last season. It's very important to our team. Whether he'll be staying at Club Brugge? I always hope all of our players will stay. But I also do know how it goes in the world of football…” (SF)

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