Philippe Clement: “This group is very ambitious”

The press conference after the match was very short. Yves Vanderhaeghe, the coach of Kortrijk, admitted Club Brugge were too strong while Philippe Clement praised his players.


“I am of course very satisfied with my team. And I stress 'team' because the starting eleven largely changed. That was partly due to the circumstances but also due to guys profiling themselves on training. Some guys played on a different position than normally. First of all, I am thinking of Siebe Schrijvers. I already had many discussions with him about his position on the field. We already discussed about this when we were still both at Genk. He thought he could only play as number ten but he discovered in the meantime that he can also excel as a winger. I am also very happy with the performance of Odilon Kossounou. He is only eighteen years old and does not play on his normal position. However, he is doing a great job. This performance proves the ambition of our entire team.” (SF)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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