Sunday 11 April 2021 20:45

Philippe Clement: “This is very frustrating”

Philippe Clement saw a strong performance of his team at Anderlecht but the Blues suddenly conceded two goals one quarter before the final whistle and could not respond anymore.

“We knew Anderlecht are in a good flow. They were very dominant at Antwerp and we came here with the intention to prevent them from playing on their preferred way. We put high pressure and did that well for seventy minutes. They did not create a lot of danger except for a distance shot but we then suddenly conceded a goal because of some defensive faults and then also via a distance shot. I thought the ball deviated but that wasn't the case apparently. This is very tough. We deserved more but have to go home with empty hands."


Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

“What went wrong? We will discuss that in group tomorrow. We talked about these kind of actions beforehand. There was not enough time anymore after they scored a second time. Two fresh guys came onto the pitch because we wanted to put high pressure. You know Anderlecht will keep on passing otherwise."



Noa Lang scored a wonderful goal but he wasn't the match-winner. "Badji played well. He did a great job but he still hasn't the same qualities as Noa or Charles. Noa came onto the pitch at halftime. We know his qualities and he showed them again." (SF)

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