Philippe Clement: “A victory based on mentality“

Club Brugge won 1-0 against Charleroi and kept the three points home again. Coach Philippe Clement admitted it was not the best Club performance today.


“I am of course happy with the result but less with the way we obtained the three points. I know my players are able to perform much better than today", said the coach of the Blues. "We won based on our mentality, not based on our quality. However, I also want to stress we didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this game due to our busy schedule. Moreover, Charleroi are a very tough opponent and they are always hard to face. Their organization was still solid after our early opening goal. You need two teams that want to attack in order to see good soccer. But we are the only team out of the top six that obtain four points against Charleroi."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Whether our level needs to increase? "Our opponents get to know our way of playing and adapt to that. We got less space the past couple of weeks. If we are still top of the league at the start of Play-Off 1, other teams will have to attack which might be beneficial for us. Moreover, we might also get the same period of time as our opponents to prepare each game then", said Clement while already looking ahead to Thursday's game at Old Trafford. "You are disrespectful for Charleroi when saying that we already had the game at Manchester United in the back of our head today. We will of course also fight in Manchester and want to qualify for the next round.” (MV)

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