Philippe Clement: “Antwerp were more efficient”

Philippe Clement saw how his team lost for the first time this season in the regular league. Club took the lead in the first half but conceded two goals after halftime.


“I am disappointed because we lose here for the first time this season", said Clement. "It could have been different because we controlled the game from the start onwards. We knew it is a very aggressive opponent, both on and off the pitch. I tried to prepare my players for that as well as possible. We took the lead but had to go inside afterwards due to the circumstances in the stadium. That is not pleasant of course. Back on the field Antwerp got a penalty. Everyone tells me it was not a penalty but I did not see any video yet. I thought Mbokani was looking for contact but it is difficult to judge from the sideline. Therefore, I hope the Pro League allows us to watch the video before the press conference in the future in order to be able to give an objective reaction here."


Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Club conceded two goals in one quarter and did not come back anymore. "Antwerp were more efficient. We lose three points and that is pity because we deserved at least one point. Whether the Champions League costs energy? Yes, that is the case. Sometimes we are less fit due to the quick consecutive games but that might not be an excuse. We made a large team to deal with this and can switch players quite easily. But if you lose only once in fifteen games, it is definitely not bad. The group knows we are running a marathon and not a sprint. We knew we would lose soon or late. Unfortunately, this now happens while we still created more chances than the opponent but that can happen. Antwerp are a strong team that will compete for the title. I come from this city so I know what lives here.” (SF)

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