Philippe Clement: “Didn't reward ourselves”

Blauw-Zwart got stuck at a 1-1 draw against Zulte Waregem. In two weeks, a hefty evening awaits at Waregem.


“We leave this game with a damp feeling, as we wanted to win this game. There's nothing I can say about my team, except that we didn't reward ourselves. We were in full control, found the space, created depth, had some chances, but unfortunately we didn't make the most of them. It happens. It's not as if Barcelona or Manchester City wins all of its games. To boot, our keeper has this one once-in-ten-years mistake. And tonight it happened; but there's nothing I can say when it comes to stamina and attitutde.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The visitors' goal came after a rare error by Simon Mignolet, but Clement wouldn't hear of blaming his sturdy keeper. "Simon has experience to spare. I'd talk to him if I knew he would be unsettled by it, but he clearly wasn't. A bit later, he had a fine save in store. Things like that can happen within a carreer, I also had my share of them in mine. It's not as if their goal was a mental blow to my squad. What did happen is that our opponent had an extra boost by that goal. We were in full control, and everyone was waiting for that second goal to come. We had a number of chances after that goal, but we haven't been rewarded adequately.” (SF)

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