Philippe Clement: “Everyone kept fighting until the very end”

A chanceless defeat for Club Brugge against Dortmund; despite the defeat, Philippe Clement was happy with his team's performance.


“I saw a clear reaction by my players. But I knew it was coming after the last training session. We took on the game really well, and had two or three chances. It's then that we have to score, but we didn't, unfortunately. After that, they scored three in a short period of time, three mistakes that were costly. They were ruthless in their finishing. It's frustrating, because you have to be super efficient, and have that bit of luck to be able to defeat teams of this calibre. And that's not what we showed today. It's disappointing, but I saw many positive things too: our way of pressing, the build-up, you name it. We were - after Bayern - the team with the most ball possession against Dortmund.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Still, Club remained empty-handed. "I would have been happy for my players to get that 3-3, but unfortunately it didn't work out. I'm mostly happy that the heads didn't drop after that 0-3. Everyone kept fighting until the very end, and the substitutes also showed their eagerness. We should take this to the home league. That's the basis I always want to see. When you lose 0-3, you can hardly be happy, but I want to see that eagerness against Ostend over the weekend too. It's no guarantee to win the game, but when you bring this mentality to every game, you are bound to claim the win more often than not.”


An upset win may have been what Club hoped for, but in the end Dortmund proved too high a hurdle. "Dortmund is out of our league. You know it takes a miracle against a team like this, and unfortunately that wasn't the case today. To boot, they were highly efficient today, I've seen it differently this season. Last year, we also had a trashing against PSG, but they are also next level. We made a couple of errors, but they did so too. Only difference is that we didn't punish them. In games like this, you need to make the most of moments like that. These games offer so much experience to our young group. It should be our ambition to keep growing towards that level.” (SF)

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