Sunday 20 December 2020 16:30

Philippe Clement: “Fought until the very last second”

Philippe Clement saw how his team dominated the entire game, but remained empty-handed. Club's coach reckoned it wasn't due to a lack of effort.

“We're disappointed with the result. We all are, the players foremost. Even if this has been the type of game I can live with. I couldn't have asked for more when it comes to performance. We pinned Gent back from the very first second, and didn't allow them to get into the game. Both in the first and in the second half, we had enough chances to take the lead. Their keeper was in fine form, however, and when we got past him, there was always a defender blocking an attempt. But Gent also had their chances on the break. That's what happens in football. Keep in mind that Gent is a sturdy opponent too. My players have difficulty coming to terms with this defeat, and that's understandable. I wouldn't be able to either, twenty years ago. But they fought for it until the last second, and that's what I expect of them. This is a part of the marathon. When they can hold on to this quality and motivation, great things will still await us.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

One of the bright spots in Club's team today was Odilon Kossounou, in a central midfield role playing a massive game. “Whether he'll be our future number six, we will only be able to say later on. He has always been strong in the heart of defense, and he has now put in a fine performance in midfield too. But that doesn't necessarily mean I will keep lining him up there. Our Starting XI often changes, as we line up the best eleven for every game. It might be that we'll be lining up a different profile against Eupen on that position. Keep in mind that Odilon has only played eight odd games in Europe before making the move to Club. He's been taking giant steps ever since.” (SF)

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