Philippe Clement: “Happy my team didn't hesitate”

An excellent start to the new year for Club. Philippe Clement's troops conceded the opener, but arched their backs as they went on to sail past Anderlecht, courtesy of two Hans Vanaken goals.


“An extremely eager Anderlecht at the start of the game, with lots of high pressure. In the opening twenty minutes, we had some trouble with their left wing. We failed to follow our assignments, with Dennis and Kossounou's link-up play not really fine. Odilon has had a number of good games, but it's still a question of touch and go so far. Considering he's just 18 years old, that's only logical. His choices today weren't always the best, and to boot, communication with the one playing in front of him wasn't up to par. Which is why I moved Siebe Schrijvers there to add a bit of coaching. After the break, Dion Cools came on, and we were in full control again. I'm really happy with the way my team refrained from doubt after we went 1-0 down. They put in some more effort, which helped us in getting this win.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

It's not hard looking for tonight's MVP: with an absolute thriller, Hans Vanaken put the score in balance, only to bring the victory to Club with his second-half tap in. “What an exceptional talent he is. It's only logical he won that Golden Boot a second time. The moment he hits that ball, you think it's not going in, but it was a brilliant goal. When someone scores a goal like that in one of the bigger leagues, it gets sent around the world and people talk about for days on end.” (SF)

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