Philippe Clement: “Happy to see my players give so much back to our fans”

Club and its fans: it's a special story. Against Waasland-Beveren, in a game with home fans for the first time in months, Club Brugge claimed its first home win. Seeing the Club fans head to their stadium again moved Club's coach Philippe Clement, and the fact that his team managed to score four to spoil their fans made him all the more proud.


“It's been thirty years that I have been part of professional football, and in such a span, there's always a couple of key moments you will retain. Today's game is definitely one of those games I'll remember for the rest of my life. After our warm-up, the fans started chanting those traditional Club songs, and it really moved me. A truly surreal experience, I even felt tears emerging. But I didn't show my emotions, I needed my players to be focused for the game. I'm really happy with what the players gave our fans today. We really live off that synergy.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

An eager Club side grabbed the points after a merited 4-1 win. “I saw a fine collective today, and a good reaction after we conceded that equaliser. It was the first time they appeared in front of our goal and it went in. This cannot be true, is what you think, but my players retained their cool. At half time, I asked not to fall back but to keep going to give our fans a good time.”


That surely worked out, as Club's fans were very enthusiastic. "When they weren't there, we tried not to get that in our heads. You just try to go on, but when you see those vivacious fans today... That's what you do it for. Football players are today's gladiators, really. It's like you would ask the Rolling Stones to perform in front of a hundred thousand audience or for five people. That would be one hell of a difference too. Who today's Mick Jagger was? I reckon Dennis has the most Mick Jagger attitude, he always does. He was the MVP today, but I do think many of our guys have played a solid game. The three coming on did so with gusto, and the others on the bench were very keen on playing too. I'm already looking forward to the month of October, when we get three games a week. We can start rotating then and allow everyone some playing time.” (SF)

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