Sunday 1 August 2021 17:45

Philippe Clement: “Happy with the three points, but lessons to be drawn from our first half”

Coach Philippe Clement fully realised how close Club Brugge came to dropping points at Union.

“Today's game saw an impressive first half Union, but we were aware this could happen, as they already showed that last week or last season. They bring a lot of drive, commitment and vertical play to the table. They're strong in duels, and play with a lot of positive agression and lots of gusto. As it has been 48 years since they last played in the top flight, that's only logical. To top, they have a coach with a lot of qualities, so you know it's going to be a rough away mission. Other teams will definitely also have a hard time as they pay Union a visit.

But we also brought to little to the table. Too little pressure and agression. Despite the heads-up, I had the impression that some players feared our opponents. Our second half reaction is good, and I reckon we took matters in hand then and created the best chances. Purely looking at the stats of the game, this should have been a draw. Obviously you're happy to be taking the three points home, but we will need to draw some lessons from that first half performance.”

The coach also had a thing or two to say about goalie Simon Mignolet's return. “It's not all that evident to be coming back after some time out, and without any friendlies under your belt, but he comes with a lot of experience. He reads the game really wel, he's fit and he is in great shape. Simon has been working really hard to get past that injury, and he has once again shown a lot of quality. But let me repeat my words of the past few weeks, which is that Senne Lammens had done a brilliant job too. It's a luxury to have three (Shinton too) great goalies at our disposal, and we'll be needing them throughout the season", Club's T1 concluded. (TM)

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