Sunday 23 August 2020 19:15

Philippe Clement: “Have to find last years's basic principles”

Undoubtedly Philippe Clement has dreamt of another outcome for his 50th game as the coach of Club Brugge. Just like the home game against Charleroi, Club suffered a 0-1 loss against Beerschot.

“What happened today? First of all, we lost. That's quite unexplicable for me. We're going to have to talk about this. We played well in Eupen with good football, chances and four goals. That was good for the moral of the players. This week we did well on the training pitch. We worked hard on the game plan to beat Beerschot, which is not so easy as they are a defensively organised team. We started the game and immediately I saw one or two players making the wrong choices. And if we were near the goal, we didn't finish off our chances. After the goal we condeded, some players started to doubt themselves. The rest of the match we pushed to score the equaliser, but we lacked quality in front today. It's bizar after last week's game and this week's training sessions."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Some players looked frustrated as time passe. "That's because it didn't go as we had planned. Then it's easy to get frustrated, eventhough a professional players needs to be able to deal with that. If things go wrong, make the extra effort instead of wallowing in the frustration by not participating, not moving or making technical errors. Some players who are very skilled did things I've never saw them do before. That's very strange. But it is what is is. As a player, coach or staff member, if you want to win the championship again, you have to adjust. It's like last week's game at Eupen when the rain was pooring down and we had to play a different kind of football to create chances."


The fact that Club has to play in an empty Jan Breydel Stadium, is not an excuse for Clement. "The fans aren't here. We have great fans who help the team to achieve their goals, but it's our responsibilty to do it ourselves. That's my analysis after this game. Now I want to hear from my players, because perhaps I'm not complety right. But if you concede a goal, you have to keep going. That was our strenght last season. That's one of last year's basic principles that we need to find again. Today's loss is a pity. Simon Mignolet didn't have to make ten saves, but we did make a defensive error that lead to the goal. This was a poor game on our behalf, but the result could have been different nonetheless. I hope Beerschot has a good season, but I want to win matches ofcourse. However you lose against, it's always a dissapointment. We need to draw the right conclusions to make sure it doesn't happen a lot.” (SF)

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