Philippe Clement: “History written”

A massive set-up was prevented by Real's last-gasp goal, with Club Brugge having to settle for the one point. Still, coach Philippe Clement was extremely proud of his team.


“Ideally we would have shown a bit more courage in the second half, but all in all I am extremely proud of what my players have shown here today. Real resurrected in the second half, developing quite some pressure. They pinned us back, but don't forget that we had some fine chances through Dennis and Schrijvers and could have decided the game earlier on. To boot, I am convinced that we bag the three points if we were to have stayed with eleven.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

That late equaliser may have dampened the spirits somewhat, but claiming a point at Bernabéu is nothing short of sensational. “We wrote history again. A point here, and the way we went about it. It's been a long time since a Belgian outfit played a team of this calibre in the Champions League and played the way we did. We now have 2 out of 6, but it could just as well have been 6 out of 6. We came here with a very ambitious plan: try and attack, and go deep without the ball. My players executed that to a tee.”


With two out of six at this point, Club could refocus its aim, but Clement sees no reason to do so. "We just try to get the most out of every single game. We know the other teams have much more quality, so it's great to be claiming points like this. Real is a star studded team, while we have only one player with experience at that level. But we shouldn't go focussing on the other teams. What we need to do is get this young group to get that experience, allowing us to further grow in Europe.” (SF)

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