Friday 21 May 2021 00:00

Philippe Clement: “I am incredibly proud of players and staff”

Coach Philippe Clement saw his Club draw 3-3 with Anderlecht, which was enough to win the 17th title in the history of the club. Winning two titles in a row as the Club Brugge coach is quite exceptional.

"It's been a very perculiar season. The season following a title is always more difficult. It's been 43 years since Club won back-to-back championships. This is only the second time in the history of the club. It shows how difficult it's been, even win the great teams Club has had in the past. This year, without our fans, was definitely a disadvantage because we can always count on a massive support. And then there was the COVID 19 outbreak a few months back. We still have some players who have not fully recovered. It's been tough to get them back on the right level and to put the players at the right moment. But the players did great. After the match you couldn't pick out who was a starter and who wasn't in the team selection. Everyone was thrilled with this title. I am incredibly proud of my players and my staff who worked hard this season."

Club started the game without Dost in front and that proved to be the right approach for this game. "I don't want to get into that too much. The players did great today. Bas Dost wasn't fully ready after a couple of intense games in quick succession, so we needed a different game play. Noa and Charles played their part very well, together with the rest of the team."

Meanwhile Clement has now thirteen prices in his trophy cabinet. "I hope to win a lot more silverware, because that's why we do it. To celebrate with the players, to see the happy faces of the staff, the management and the fans. Unfortunately we couldn't celebrate our last two titles with the fans. That's a pity, because they've been very important for this club in the past. During this season there was a lot of support on the streets when we arrived at the stadium, instead of inside the stadium."

Philippe Clement will definitely enjoy this well-deserved title. "After a previous title at another team, I've learned to enjoy it more. I'm definitely going to savour this moment, because I know how difficult it's been to win two titles in a row. There's a reason why Club only achieved that once, despited having had so many great season. The players and my staff have been great the entire season. I couldn't be more proud." (KN)

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