Thursday 23 December 2021 23:30

Philippe Clement: “Increasing amount of automatism”

Another meeting with OH Leuven, another 4-1 win. The visitors called in all its defensive powers, but Club Brugge found its way through the tight organisation with lots of patience and movement.

“We had trouble opening up the wall set up by Leuven in the first half an hour", Philippe Clement started out. “There was only little space, but things went more smoothly in the last fifteen minutes of the first half. Today's game was completely different from the one we played there, with some adapting both as a team and as a player: we did better in that respect in the second half. It's also clear to see that we're gaining more and more automatism in our game. Up front with Noa and Charles, but also in defense. What I didn't lik, however, was how we fell back in the second half. That shouldn't happen. This is also what has been hurting us in the past couple of months. The boys got the message during the break, but still our level was a bit lower in the second half. They fought their way back into the game with that goal, but fortunately we had a solid reaction in store straight away.” (SF)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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