Philippe Clement: “Infuriated at half-time”

The game against Standard saw two sides of Club Brugge: uninspired before the break, but full of power and stamina after the coffee. A 1-1 draw was the result.


“Our first half was a major disappointment. Mostly because my players apparently weren't ready for the things we had warned about. Whether that was a mental or a physical lapse, we will find out in the days to come. Standard's strict organisation really gave us a hard time. To boot, there wasn't enough movement without the ball and too little commitment. You can always concede a goal, particularly against a strong side the likes of Standard, but our reaction after that goal really disappointed me. I saw everyone look at each other, without thinking about how to solve that situation. For the first time this season, I was infuriated at half-time. But I was happy with how my group reacted after the break. We were dominating the entire second half, and this against the second best team of the league at this point. We managed to push them against their own goal, which wasn't all that easy against such a solid organisation.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Standard's take on the game was particularly troublesome for Blauw-Zwart in the first half. "They didn't surprise me, no, I knew Michel would do everything to make up for our strongsuits. It was crucial to try and change things, which is why I took the risk at half time to bring on my second and third substitution. Our defensive midfielder was offered a lot of room, but we didn't do enough with that up to that point. Furthermore, we had to keep hold of the ball upfront and win duels. Tau and Rits have been playing a lot in the past few weeks, and they seemed less fresh today. Hence the two changes.” (SF)

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