Tuesday 19 October 2021 21:45

Philippe Clement: “Learn from this to keep improving”

A downcast albeit realistic coach Philippe Clement addressed the press at the conclusion of the defeat at the hands of Manchester City.

“It's true that we couldn't find our way into the game, mainly in the first half. We created far too little in the first half, and showed too little guts to be playing in between the lines. Our game was not up to standard, even if our second half was better. We fully realised that there would be a big difference in quality of play between the two sides. It would take a 100% performance by all of us in order to be capable of getting a solid result, against one of the best teams in the world.” 

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

A different approach to the game would not have necessarily improved the final result, Club's manager reckons. “I don't know whether a different tack would have lead to a different result. It's just a matter of top knotch quality. This clearly is not the finest experience one can have as a coach, a player, staff, etc. We need to analyse this well in order to come out of this stronger. You just know they will not show mercy. They boast top players that are hard to get past. I reckon our performance against PSG was much better, as we showed more resilience in our duels then. But well, it's interesting to take some lessons from this and see just why that happened. There are some comparisons with the PSG encounter of two seasons ago. We also suffered a hefty home defeat back then, but we drew some fine lessons from it for the return game, and also for the games after that. It's also important to realise that we have a lot of young players who do not yet have the experience of playing this calibre of players. Hans and Simon would be the only ones to ever have played these kinds of opponents. It's only logical that my players need to draw from this game to get better”, a down-to-earth Philippe Clement concluded. (TM)

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