Sunday 7 November 2021 16:30

Philippe Clement: “Lost out on two points”

Club Brugge had to settle for a draw, despite the 0-2 lead. Philippe Clement's troops see leaders Union run away to four points.

“I reckon we took matters in hand from the onset, pushing Standard back, and not allowing them a single chance in the first half. We also scored two, and had a great opportunity for a third. But that's when we conceded that 2-1, a blow offering energy to the opponents. An unmerited result after such a first half. In the second half, we manned the pitch with fine intentions, but conceded another blow after just five minutes. After that, we showed will, but our level of quality dove. We created too little to score that 3-2, which made us miss out on two points. That was really not called for, we should always go into the dressing room with a 2-0 advantage and then further that result, but we didn't manage to do so today. We need to draw lessons from this in order to avoid taking goals in this way, but also to learn how to bring more structure when we need to try and force things. We didn't manage to do that enough by the end of the game, keeping us from creating chances.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

“We just need to be more focused. That's also why only so little teams have managed to win the league three times in a row. We need the focus and collectedness we bring to the Champions League to the home league. It was there at one point, but at others it wasn't, which made us pay in spades. Everyone needs to be more focused, not just one player. Victory and defeat, we do it together. From players to coach, to the entire club. It's annoying, that's true, and it would help if we had another game tomorrow. But that isn't the case. A lot of my men will be going elsewhere now, with a different focus, and some of us well be here to keep working to become better and stronger. We'll be working on that in the ten days to come, so we can make the most as we gear up for our game at Mechelen.”

Eduard Sobol was offered some rest against Standard, but his replacement, Maouassa was also forced to leave the game prematurely. “Just have a look at how many games have been played in the past couple of weeks. You cannot line up the same left back in every game. Sobol was very tired after our City game, and has been caped once again. There's no need to call out any player based on just one game. Faitout arrived here with some conditional lag, and we're working hard to get him back. He has shown some fine stuff too today; he has the capabilities and the skillset to make it here in the future, we are all convinced about that.” (VL)

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