Philippe Clement: “Lots of quality on the ball”

A gratifying win for Club visiting KRC Genk. An excellent first half performance was followed up with the equaliser halfway through the second half, but with the end in view, Badji made sure the deserved win was for the visitors. Coach Philippe Clement was all smiles as his team left the pitch with the three points.


“I reckon we played an excellent first half. Maybe that empty stadium made you think differently, but I saw a lot of quality in possession, with several fine chances, a very good disciplin and organisation. We really should have added that second, which would have made it so much easier to head into the dressing room with a fine feeling. At half time, we obviously also discussed how the second half would work, with a different and more eager Genk in the opening minutes.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

It was a different Genk in the second half indeed. Two spot kicks really could have turned it around entirely. “In my opinion, it wasn't penalty on both occasions, and surely not that second. I reckon Simon made sure he was as broad as he could be to keep Bongonda from scoring. That 1-1 was a mental blow, surely, but we kept on fighting to get back in the game, and that's also something we can be happy about. After that first fifteen minutes in the second half, we stood up and with that fine header managed to claim the win. No, it wasn't easy, but it's not as if we will be steamrolling over just about every competitor, that's not the case. We fullly realise teams the likes of Genk, Anderlecht, Gent and Standard are also very good and harbour lots of quality. Nonetheless, we will always be going for the win wherever we go and it will always be like that.” (FDC)

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