Tuesday 7 December 2021 22:00

Philippe Clement: “Make the right conclusions in order to improve”

Club Brugge suffered a 4-1 defeat at the Parc des Princes, resulting in a fourth and last place in its CL Group. A stronger PSG proved the better team; Philippe Clement hopes his players will be drawing the right lessons from this experience.

“This campaign just cannot be compared to last season's. We played two of the four best teams in the world, and a top class team with Leipzig. It's a completely different ball game. We need to be taking the right conclusions in order to improve, and that's what we'll do. We started with two exceptional performances, but after that we knew too many ups and downs. We also knew a rough start to today's game; conceding two in the first seven minutes, it would leave many a team downcast. But we managed to get back up after that and started playing better football. We were better in possession in the second half, created more chances and also scored a goal.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Two great results against PSG and Leipzig were followed up with four chanceless defeats. “It would have felt differently if we would have lost at home and grabbed a point here by the end of the campaign. But you should also take a look at the quality we were facing today. These are all world class players. In order to grab points here, you need an exceptional day graced with efficiency, and today was not one of those days. To boot you also need a big heap of luck. But this has been some great learning time for our team, particularly for our youngsters. This has been the third campaign for Charles. When you see the steps he has taken in two years' time, you see that you can improve by learning from the lesser experiences. That should be our goal for the future.”

A start against Seraing was followed up with a start against PSG for Cisse Sandra. Despite his tender age, the 17-year old put in the work. “We wanted to hold on to our 4-3-3 and maintain the structure of our team, and not throw it all around. Our group has been playing together for two consecutive years now, but it's important to piece in other young players too. It's an experience for Cisse. He showed some good stuff against Seraing, and again today. This has been a great experience for him in view of the future.” (SF)

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