Philippe Clement: “Not killer enough”

Philippe Clement was front row witness to a fine team performance against Genk, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to claim the three points.


“For over an hour, we played a great game. Lots of dominance, movement without the ball, plenty of chances, but unfortunately with too little goals. After the break, we played with big heart to score that second. We again dominated the game, and had three excellent chances to score. You should always kill the game at that point, but we failed to do so. We weren't killer enough. I missed that eagerness to get that ball against the back of the nets. We wanted to be too tidy, but sometimes you just have to learn to clinch the deal.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Two home games running, Club gets stuck at a draw, but it doesn't leave the Club boss with a head full of worires. "We created a lot of chances, so that's positive. Keep in mind that we have already scored a lot too. To boot, these past couple of weeks have been a taxing bunch. I don't expect my players to be top the entire ninetey minutes. That's when I want to be able to call upon the substitutes, and they brought more fire to the game today. Unfortunately we foundered earlier in the game. The draw as such doesn't come as a drama, but we just should have sealed the deal earlier on. Today's bottom line is that we lost out on two points.”


Clement kept his cards close to his chest when it came to possible signings. The name of Columbian midfielder Balanta gets dropped a lot in that respect. “Balanta can be lined up both in defense and in midfield, so he has an interesting profile. There are still 24 games to before it's the end of December; add to that a number of international games, and you can see why we need a selection capable of rotating every once in a while.” (SF)

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