Philippe Clement: “Not killer enough”

Heroes against Zenit, back to earth against OHL. Blauw-Zwart put in a fine performance, dotted with a number of opportunities, but proved unefficient. T1 Philippe Clement reckoned there was not much he could blame his players of.


“I told the players in the dressing room that I had seen plenty of good stuff. It's not easy finding the room against a team constantly playing man-on-man, but my players did a fine job trying to outplay that strict adherence. Mentality was good, but we just needed to finish those chances. We weren't efficient enough, and steered right into the wreckage. We should look at ourselves and make sure that finishing is uop to par in the next couple of games. Football is all about one thing: creating chances and getting results. And that's where we failed today.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Club's coach wouldn't hear of European football and the quick succession of games as culprit of this downfall. "We know we want to feature in Europe, and I didn't see a tired team either. At the end of the game we took a lot of risks, making us leave our compact stance and open for a counter. We just weren't killer enough today. When you come eye-to-eye with the keeper on four occasions,you just have to score more. If we had, we would have easily won. No player left me with a negative feeling, even if I have a negative feeling about the result. That killer mentality really should surface more. We need a sharper mentality in our finishing and make the richt choices inside the box. We showed efficiency in other games, so I don't see why this game should be any different and lower our self-confidence.” (SF)

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