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Philippe Clement: “One game closer to our goal”

Philippe Clement saw his team start the Champions' Play-Offs with a 2-2 draw against Anderlecht. Just like three weeks ago, in Brussels, Club gave away a lead, but this time Bas Dost salvaged a point with a late equaliser.

"We started this game poorly: we didn't show enough guts, we didn't press high enough. At half-time we made some changes. At the start of the second half we did what is the hardest thing to do: open the scoring. Afterwards we made it our opponent too easy by losing the ball so easily. Anderlecht is the most dangerous when they can launch a counterattacking move and they did it again today. We even conceded a second goal, but I'm happy that we reacted immediately and got that well-deserved point. The main thing to remember today is that we are one game closer to our goal."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

It was a poor first half from Club, but it was a lot better at the start of the second half. "During the first half we didn't show our qualities enough. But the first game in the Play-Offs is like a first school day. We had a fourteen-day break and then you have to play at high intensity. And in a format with the four best teams. We needed to play faster and with more intensity, which we did after the break."


Because of this draw Club is still eight points ahead of the second. "I'm glad we got that extra point. It's one step closer to our goal. If we had lost today, it would have been all over the newspapers, but we try to keep a clear head. We'll have to fight every game to reach our goal. If you're sixteen, eighteen or twenty points ahead with six games to go, you are always going to be crowned champions. But not here, since the points are halved. It's a way to create more tension."


Clement took the time to praise Charles De Ketelaere, who played on the left wing against Anderlecht. "I had expected a question about this, but since it won't come, I'll bring it up myself: Charles played in a totally different role today as he is used to and he did great. I want to compliment him for that. To see him do well on the wing is interesting to know, for him, the club but alsof for Belgian football in general and even the national team." (SF)

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