Philippe Clement: “One of this season's most difficult games"

KV Ostend was not an easy job. Club Brugge had to fight until the last second to keep the three points home. Philippe Clement was, like always, rational in his analysis.


"This was one of the most difficult games of this season. We knew that beforehand, because it's a very well-organised team who put a lot of pressure high on the pitch. We started off lively, but we conceded a goal on a fast break of the visitors. That's a shame because that boosts the opponent's morale. It was important for us not to panic and look for the equaliser. We managed to do that and score a second goal early in the second half. Then you know it's going to be tough: a lot of challenges, long balls and so on. It wasn't always academical, but that's just possible against a side like Ostend. It's a qualify of them and I don't mean that in a negative way. They simply won't allow the opponent to play good football. Furthermore, we were too rushed in the back, otherwise we would have made it a bit easier on ourselves."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Despite the difficult game, the blue and black celebrate another win. "It was important to keep the three points home. I don't think there are a lot of teams who'll get six out of six against them. When we weren't top of the league a few weeks ago, I said that I'm not looking at the rankings and I'm not doing now. That's only important at the end of the season."


Just like the past few weeks, Simon Mignolet played his part in Club's victory. The goalkeeper kept out a penalty, preventing KVO from equalising. "As a coach I'm very happy that Bart and Vincent were able to sign Simon. And he's very happy to be with us. He told that last Sunday in an interview. There's a love from both sides and in life that's the best thing there is." (SF)

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