Philippe Clement: “Players showcased the typical Club mentality”

A despondant defeat seemed in the making for a long time, but a resilient Blauw-Zwart kept fighting until that very last second and finally got what it deserved. Philippe Clement was all smiles when it came to the mentality of his players.


“A panic when that 1-0 just stayed on the board? No, I'm not one to panic easily. To boot, I have firm belief in the skills of this group. You're never sure of a point, but there's only one thing you can ask of your players, and that's to keep going until the very last second. That's what they did, and that also came with the reward we got. It could have happened much earlier in the game too. But they just kept going and trying, and that's the mentality our club is so well known for. That's also why I feel so at home at this club.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

A bit of a downer came with the two red cards for Diatta and Mata, both sent off after celebrating the goal a bit too vigorously. “Those red cards are a pity really. It's in those moments that you need to keep going and stay in control of yourself.  It wouldn't be the first time a team concedes a goal just having scored. But we have a young team, capable of making mistakes. And their tomfoolery came with a price: missing out on the game against Real Madrid, just the type of game everyone wants to play.”


The missed chances were a bit of a thing in the press, but Clement wouldn't hear of it. “We should be realistic in what we expect. Galatasaray lost 0-1 to both PSG and Real, and those games featured players worth 200 million who also missed chances. What I remember is that we scored a fabulous goal. We work hard to improve our efficiency, but you can't expect us to score from every chance we get. That doesn't happen at PSG, it doesn't happen at Real Madrid, so you shouldn't expect it to happen at Club Brugge.” (SF)

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