Philippe Clement: “Proud that my team wanted the victory”

Philippe Clement received a warm welcome at Genk and returned home with a big smile on his face. Club grabbed the three points after an intense game.


“First, I want to thank everyone at Genk for their delightful reception - I cannot stress that enough. We are opponents for ninety minutes, but friends before and after the game. There's still mutual respect. This is a great example for many other teams. About the game, I can only say that I'm pleased with how we approached this game. We played twelve games in 42 days. It was difficult to prepare this game with only one training day, but we started the game brilliantly by using the space.

Thanks to a terrific attacking move, we opened the scoring after just a few minutes. Unfortunately Genk equalised in a way that we had warned our players for. The goal gave Genk a moral boost and they controlled the game for some time. Overall, it was a high-intensity game with two teams who wanted nothing less than the three points. A draw would not have been a poor result, but I'm very proud that my team wanted the win. It's what I expect of them, but still kudos to them." (SF)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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