Thursday 4 March 2021 23:30

Philippe Clement: “Puzzling why there's no VAR today”

Philippe Clement returned in the dug-out for the first time since his positive COVID-19 test, but it was a game to forget quickly. The coach saw the equaliser disallowed in the dying seconds of stoppage time.

"It's puzzling why there's no VAR here today. We've had a video assistant referee present for a couple of seasons now to benefit the games, but because there couldn't be enough cameras at another quarter-final fixture, they've decided to have no VAR for all the fixtures. This is not a good for Belgian football. For years there's been the criticism that teams don't value the Belgian cup enough, but if you get a top match like Standard - Club, you can't be playing it like you did years ago. I can't get my head around it."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The elimination from the cup is a tough one to take for Club, that was ousted from the Europa Cup a week before. "True, this is not easy to deal with. It's been a very poor week for us if you look at the results, not how we played. Especially concidering the circumstances. What can I ask more from my players? If you play dominant at Standard, then you're still a strong side. You could say that it wasn't smart from Kossounou to tackle like he did at that moment, but I don't think it was a heavy contact. It's definitely a huge disappointment because we're very ambitious. The players, staff, fans, board. We all want to win and we could have won both games this week. But that's the thing with cup competitions. If it isn't your day, you're out of it. But today, I didn't think it was right that we were eliminated."


Club now has to focus solely on the league. "At the moment, we don't have anything in our hands. My team has shown good things this season and we're on last year's schedule. But we'll have to keep working hard to become back to back champions. We won't get if for free. It's now key to get a couple of our players, who had COVID, on their best level as quickly as possibly." (SF)

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