Philippe Clement: “Quality not up to par”

Club Brugge was unable to outplay Mouscron, and got stuck at a goalless draw. Possession was clearly for the hosts, but this didn't help Club towards fine chances.


“There's nothing I can say about the mentality of my players. They fought for it, won many duels in midfield and in the back, put fine high pressure. Lots of possession too, but they did too little with it. That bit of creativity and genius lacked to be making the difference. I saw some really great things at training yesterday, but they didn't bring it to this game. In games in which the opponent sets up a low block, you just know that when you score from that one chance, it all opens up. But now it took pushing and pushing, but each shot just got blocked, or the cross was too low, or it took to long to try and finish. It just wasn't good enough today.”

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Whenever a team is not scoring, the forwards are the ones people look at first. "I compared our situation to a bottle of ketchup before. You can sometimes keep squeezing and squeezing, and all of a sudden it all gulps out. We just have to keep working hard, as you know it can all turn around in an instant. As a striker, you also have to be patient and keep working hard. When you show the right mentality, it'll all turn out just fine. But this is not just a forward thing. Our level just wasn't up to par today. The devil is in the detail. Wednesday's game against Zenit will be something different entirely. We then need to be better on the final part of the pitch.” (SF)

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