Sunday 19 December 2021 16:15

Philippe Clement: “Showed lots of quality”

Club had to settle for just the one point against Anderlecht, even if it was clearly the better team in the first half. Philippe Clement regretted the point los, as it outdid Paars-Wit when it came to clear chances.

“Anderlecht started out fine, but we managed to recover quickly. We started defending 1v1, and became the dominant team. All in all, it should have been more than 1-0 at half time. Things were more in balance in the second half, as you just cannot put high pressure throughout an entire game. I'm a bit disappointed about the way Amuzu scored that equaliser, and that second goal was a ball falling into the wrong feet for us. That shouldn't happen, but all things considered we had more chances than they had. That's a pity. The good thing is that we had a good reaction in store after that 1-2 and scored that overly deserved equaliser. When you take into account all chances, we should have won this one. That would have been an extra boost for us. We showed a lot of quality today. You see that it's getting better and better. Right now we need to focus on our next game, against Leuven for the Belgian Cup.” (SF)

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

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