Philippe Clement: “Top performance of the entire team!"

Club had troubles with the solid Eupen defence in the first half but it went better in the second half. Club won 3-0 which made Philippe Clement a happy man.


“It was extremely important to end the year in a nice way. The players won the Championship in 2020 but could unfortunately not celebrate that achievement with the fans. Moreover, we had a good Champions League campaign and are ranked first for the moment. Consequently, it was a very good year and we wanted to end the year well. However, we got few chances in the first half due to the solid defence of our opponent. We possessed the ball but it was impossible to find space. We scored three goals in the second half. It was easier to find space after our first goal which resulted in more chances."


Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The Blues could end 2020 in a positive way. "Congratulations to my squad. Many teams talked about a busy schedule the past couple of weeks but my players were faced with a busy schedule for the past four months. They get one week of rest now which will feel good. Everyone gets an individual program because we already have to play against Sint-Truiden within two weeks. We will sleep in the Basecamp for a couple of days and have two training sessions a day. Nevertheless, we cannot exaggerate because there is no time to build a basis for the next couple of months."

The only pity thing was the red card of Hans Vanaken. "According to the rules, this is a red card but it is of course very pity. The opponent is a little bit faster but you could clearly see that Hans had no intention at all to hurt the player. I hope the suspension from the match will suffice and no further suspension will follow."



In the meantime it has been announced that Club Brugge reached an agreement in principle with Bas Dost. The attacker would already have been valuable against Eupen. "Bas has the specific qualities to play against such solid defence but he also has many other qualities. Anyway, we are very happy with this transfer. We were already close to signing a deal last summer and we succeeded now. He will certainly strengthen our team but this does not mean it will be ten times easier to face such defensive opponent with Bas Dost in the team. Getting few space is always tough."



Noa Lang was the match winner with two goals and a wonderful assist. "I am very happy with Noa. He does not only attack but he also fulfills his defensive tasks. His integration in the team went well although he is not yet top physically. Having efficient players is important and that was the case today. However, I want to congratulate my entire team. My team only conceded one goal in the past seven games. That is not only the merit of the goalkeeper but of the entire team. We have to take this with us to the future." (SF)

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