Saturday 3 April 2021 23:45

Philippe Clement: “Tough match"

The Blues had a tough evening in Kortrijk but took the three points home at the end. Philippe Clement praised the mentality of his players.

“I am very happy with this victory. Especially because we had to play differently than otherwise. It was a tough victory but there was no other way today. The field is smaller here and was not in a perfect condition today. As a result, it was a battle of 90 minutes but the way of playing wasn't lovely. This is not how my team and myself want to play but the most important thing is adapting yourself to the situation and showing a good mentality. And that happened because my team did everything they could to take the three points home. I am not very enthusiastic about this way of playing but I am satisfied with the mentality of my players. It is not easy to change our habits to a large extent which is why I am very happy with the three points, our mentality and the way we played in these difficult circumstances. The past couple of days we trained on other fields that were not in a perfect condition in order to prepare ourselves for this game." 

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

The top match on the field of Anderlecht is following next week. "That team also wants to play soccer. Moreover, their field is in a better condition so I expect we will play better next week. We always try to combine except today." (SF)

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