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Philippe Clement: "The energy of the fans rolled of the stands"

Philippe Clement saw his team put in a great shift and lift another trophy. The coach was proud of his team.

"Obviously we're happy to have won this game and to lift the Supercup. It's not the biggest trophy of the year, but it's a good feeling to start the new season. But nothing more than that. I've seen a lot of possitive things today. We controlled the game, but created too little chances in the first half. We conceded a first game against the run of play, but it was important for us to equalise before half-time. Just after the break we scored twice in the first five minutes and it could have been more. It's been a hard preparation so far and we haven't lived up to this game, eventhough it's the first time this preparation that we haven't trained an hour and a half or two hours before playing a game. But the most important take of today was the energy of the fans that rolled of the stands. The connection between the players and the fans was a huge boost."

Philippe Clement
Philippe Clement

Senne Lammens made his debut for Club and showed his potential with a couple of good saves. "I'm pleased with his performance, but it didn't come as a surprise to me. I don't just give a player a spot in the starting line-up. The only place to earn a chance is on the training pitch, in the dressing room and the fitness room. Senne's really improving and so we decided to give him confidence. That's why we didn't extend Ethan Horvath's contract and we didn't look for an experienced goalkeeper. It's now up to him to show what we expect from him. He was a bit nervous before the game, but his nerves were gone when the match began."


For Noah Mbamba it was his second match in the starting line-up and the 16-year-old midfielder can look back on a solid performance. "I'm not sure if it's a surprise that he was in the starting eleven. Noah just turned sixteen in January, so it's important to give youngsters like him a chance at the right time. Today he showed on the pitch what we've seen the past few months on the training ground and during the matches. He has to keep working hard and then he'll get more chances. But it's important not to put youngsters like him on a pedestal right away. He has to make progress step by step, like Charles did two years ago."


Because of this 3-2 win against the vice champion and cup winners Genk, Club Brugge is ready for the season. "The team is there where I hoped they would be. We're now playing in a different formation: two years ago we played 3-5-2, last year 4-3-3 and now with a square in midfield. Two years ago the players said that the preparation was very hard. Last year they said it was harder and this year it's even harder. We have a lot players from Club NXT in our midst now. For them the preparation was very tough, but nobody picked up an injury. It's very positive that they can handle the workload. Last year, with Club NXT, they have been put on their place a couple of times but that's part of it. The boys show a lot of desire to improve every day. That's the passion they need every day. Combined with their talent, that's what they need for a bright future." (SF)

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