Sunday 24 October 2021 16:15

Philippe Clement: "Should have added that second"

At the conclusion of the game, coach Philippe Clement couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

"I had the feeling we were really going for that second goal in the second half," our coach started out. "We tried pushing Antwerp back, resulting in the most chances for us. Unfortunately that second goal did not follow. By the absolute end of the game we had a very narrow escape indeed, with Simon producing that excellent save. Another textbook situation, and it really shouldn't have come to that. You realise, however, that this can always happen, particularly with Antwerp and its power. It produced a scintillating end, but we really should have scored that second goal earlier in. There were some decisive moments, such as Van der Brempt breaking through, where Engels might have made the right decision in Antwerp's view. And then there was that chance for De Ketelaere that could have put us up front. I wasn't too happy with our first half, too little structure in our game. Noa, for instance, was everywhere, but never with a clear goal. It was hard, however, to take corrective measures at that point. There was a lot of commotion off the pitch, as we expected, but I have to congratulate my players on remaining calm and not to have followed in that ruckus."

Some words of praise for Van der Brempt followed. "It's correct to see that Ignace was announced as MVP today. He brought what we had hoped for. It's a young player who has had a rough preparation to the season, but he has resurfaced in the past couple of weeks. He shows it at training, but also on Tuesday against Man City." Finally, Clement gave his view on the Nsoki exclusion. "To my view, both players went for the ball at the same time, and that makes it a harsh red card for me. I do feel like the Belgian referees are under immense pressure, leading to more and swifter card pulling. It's something you don't get in European games, so it's a big difference", Philippe Clement concluded. (TM)

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