Thursday 25 August 2022 20:00

Reactions after Champions League draw

Porto, Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. They are Club's opponents in the Champions League group stage. Here's a first reaction from our coach and a couple of players.

Simon Mignolet

"The moment we came out of the pot, this group was the best possible outcome for me. We have a chance to get something out of every game. Every team can beat the other team. It will all come down to the details. At a first glance, the three teams are not the most offensive minded, which means it will be difficult to get a result. We will have to be at our best against all three of them. I don't know Porto and Leverkusen that well, but we have to start this campaign with the idea to take the next step forward. It won't be easy, but that has to be our goal."

Carl Hoefkens

"I would have been at peace with any other group as well, but we're drawn in Group B so now it's up to the staff to analyze them and see where there are opportunities for us. It's a great challenge for the players and a huge podium to show what they can bring on the pitch at the highest level. There's not an outright favourite in this group who'll win every game. It's up to us to step up and gather the points."

Hans Vanaken

"This group looks more feasibile than others, but it's dangerous to think that way. There are only good teams in the Champions League so it's always a challenge, whoever you play."

Andreas Skov Olsen

"These are three great teams to play, so we're looking forward to it. But Atlético sticks out from the rest for me. That can be a great experience, I think."

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