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Reactions Meunier and Engels on selection European Championships

Bjorn Engels and Thomas Meunier are part of the pre-selection for the European Championships in France. Both Club players are very satisfied but first want to focus on obtaining the title with Club.


Bjorn Engels : &ldquo;Just amazing&rdquo;</h3>
&ldquo;It is an incredible honour for a young player like me to be part of this selection of Red Devils&quot;, smiles Bjorn Engels after the announcement. &quot;It is just amazing, especially because Thomas Meunier has also been selected. To be honest, I did not really believe that I would be part of the selection the last couple of weeks. After Vincent Kompany got injured people sometimes mentioned me as a potential substitute. I started to believe more in my chances then. I see my selection as a confirmation of my current performances. Now I do not want to say antyhing anymore about it. Obtaining the title with Club comes first now.&#39;</p>

Thomas Meunier :&nbsp; &ldquo;Reward for strong Play-Offs&rdquo;</h3>
&ldquo;I am of course very satisfied that coach Marc Wilmots and his assistant Vital Borkelmans rewarded my performances during the Play-Offs, except for the game at Genk&quot;, says the right back of Club. &quot;I see my selection as an amazing reward. I have the right form on the right moment and want to continue in this way during the remaining three fixures. I am very happy that Bjorn is also one of the 24 names. He deserves it after his long injuries. Last months he showed how good he is. Well, the European Championships in France are still far away. The main objective for me now is<br type="_moz" />
obtaining the title.&quot;</p>

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