Monday 22 February 2021 23:30

Rik De Mil: “Scored at the right time”

Philippe Clement and the rest of the technical staff was still in quarantine, so Club NXT coach Rik De Mil was at the helm again. With success, because Club secured a smooth 3-0 win against OH Leuven.

"We are very happy with this result", said De Mil. "We had warned the players that OHL is a solid team. Well-organised, but with lots of talent in front and dangerous on the break. But we started off brilliantly and we scored the goals at the right time. That made things a bit easier. We were 2-0 up at half-time and didn't get into trouble in the second half. The players were not thinking about Kyiv, they had their focus on Leuven and it showed. Today we played with a great mix of experienced players and young, raw talented players. That worked out fine."

Rik De Mil
Rik De Mil

Ignace Van der Brempt was given a spot in the starting eleven and thanked the coach with a wonderful goal. "That goal didn't come as a surprise to me. He scored a similar goal with Club NXT earlier this season. He can score a goal, but he has other qualities as well. He's great at defending for instance and shows a lot of character. It's important to let young players come into the team at the right time. Ignace had showed he's ready on the training ground and he proved it today. I'm very happy with his performance, but I'm not surprised."


Next Thursday Club faces Dynamo Kyiv for the second leg. The chance that Club can recover a couple of players who are now in quarantine, is rather slim. "Some players are doing better, but others are still not feeling too well. Tomorrow they will be tested again. Noa (Lang, ed) is still not feeling great, while others are seemingly getting better. I guess we'll have to face Kyiv with the players we have today. But as you can could see, this group is talented and ready." (SF)

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