Saturday 14 September 2019 23:45

Ruud Vormer: “Galatasaray wasn't on our minds”

Not the best of derbies for Club, but in the end 0-2 was a logical result in the 145th city derby. An experienced Club grabbed yet another derby win, a thing Ruud Vormer also admitted afterwards.

“I reckon it's a deserved win. We allowed them to have a go on the break in the first half an hour, and it took a solid Simon Mignolet to keep them from scoring. But after the break, and with a couple of tactical changes, we managed to claim that second goal. Cercle didn't really have that much to say apart from that. We had a bit too little movement up front in the first half, keeping us from creating chances. Fortunately for us we scored just after thirty minutes, which allowed us to drop the pace a bit.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Playing Cercle is not exactly like playing Galatasaray, just how different is it to be flipping the switch in five days' time? “Oh, it's a world of difference. But it wasn't like we were thinking about that Galatasaray game already. Our coach pointed out that we shouldn't go thinking about the Champions League just yet, and I do believe we showed that on the pitch. Next Wednesday's game will be an entirely different game altogether. Clearly  I hope we will be able to keep the three points at home, but it won't be a walk in the park, that's for sure.” (FDC)

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