Ruud Vormer: “Nice to play in such awesome atmosphere”

Ruud Vormer looked back at an excellent team performance. The Dutch midfielder also looked ahead to Tuesday's game in and against Real Madrid.


“It was funny to play here in such awesome atmosphere. It was really good today. We also created many chances when they were still with eleven on the pitch. It is pity we couldn't score earlier. We moved a lot and defended well. Our second half was good and we decided the game then."


Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

Tuesday's game against Real Madrid will be more difficult. "I am really looking forward to the game in Bernabeu. The Champions League is already present in your head during the second half. I am curious to see how we will play in the circumstances there. We will play our own game. Who knows what is possible with our fast players in front. But it remains Real Madrid of course. They have excellent players. We did not yet get an analysis of their team because we were facing Mechelen first. We will definitely try to hurt them. That should definitely be possible if we are playing well." (MDK)

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