Ruud Vormer: “Thanks to our amazing fans”

A fantastic final result, but also an impressive home crowd, backing the team for 95 minutes on end. Plenty to be happy about for Ruud Vormer.


“A fiery game for sure. We knew only a win would do, but when you take a goal just a minutes down the road, you realise it's going to be quite the handful. Despite the fact that we were the better team, we headed for the dressing rooms with a 0-1 half-time score. Only 45 minutes left to set the record straight.”

Ruud Vormer
Ruud Vormer

After the break, a boiling Jan Breydel witnessed a complete turnaround. “At half-time, we put our heads together, and decided to go for it with everything we've got. And when it became 1-1, we felt we could win this one, and that's how it went. A great big thank you to our fantastic fans for the way the pushed us forward before the game, after that 0-1 and in the remainder of the game. They way they welcomed our bus a couple of hours prior to the game, that's quite the kick to take to kick-off. Two more finals, and we'll see where our ship strands.” (FDC)

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