Sunday 23 May 2021 20:45

Ruud Vormer and Bas Dost: “We've enjoyed ourselves”

Ruud Vormer and Bas Dost played a huge part in Club's 17th league title. Both Dutchmen enjoy the title, but it wasn't easy to play another game after Thursday's party.

"You do this for the games", Ruud Vormer said after the match. "I talked about it with the coach, he asked if I was up for it today. Of course I want to play, eventhough my legs felt heavy. We didn't have our usual amount of rest, but that's alright. We did well today, despite the fact that a lot of players didn't get a lot of sleep since Thursday night when we won the title. We arrived at 3am in Knokke, I went to bed at half past seven and I had to wake up at nine for the COVID-19 test. We've enjoyed it like anyone else would."


Bas Dost: "It could have gone either way today. I think it was a good game to watch. In the end we suffer a defeat, but if we had scored the penalty it could have been a different match. We're not going into the details of the match today. We're the champions in Belgium, the first time for time. That's something special. If you know my history, I'm a very proud man today. That's the main reason why I joined the team. Ruud immediately told me that we're going to be champions. I know he talks a lot, but he was right. I'm very proud, you don't just win a league title." (KN)

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