Sunday 22 January 2023 21:15

Scott Parker: “The only way to get through this, is through hard work”

A defeat against Genk and draws against Anderlecht and STVV was now followed up with another draw, this time against Charleroi. Still no win for coach Scott Parker, who saw his team go through a devestating first half, but also noted the reaction after the break.

“Our first half was just unacceptable. No intensity, losing each and every duel. This is not the kind of the team I wish to be associated with. It's clear that we are lacking confidence at this point. At half time, we made a few adjustments, and fortunately there was also the reaction by the team: lots more agression, duels were being won. This allowed us to show our qualities and bring some good football to the pitch. But we are obviously still disappointed with the result. More than anyone, I long for those three points. This is a truly fantastic group, very talented, but a couple of thing keep us from having things the way we expect them to. But the only way to get through this, is through hard work, day in, day out. There are a number of habits I wish to change, but that doesn't happen overnight. We've only been working with this team for two and a half weeks. Games like the one we had today offer a lot of learning moments, but it's the results we want. The most important to me is how we represent the supporters and our club. The fans realise the situation we are in, and know that the staff and the players are doing everything to grab those three points. When I see how our fans backed us today, that's just brilliant. They really gave the team an extra boost today.” (SF)

Scott Parker
Scott Parker

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